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Meet the Sunnyside Meats Team

Advice on BBQ's meat

BBQ Season is now upon us. Time to uncover your BBQ or get one and get ready this summer.

Having your own BBQ is great (Some good brands available are Weber, Beef Eater, Zeiglar & Brown, Matador).  Our Owner Todd has a Weber Q and he swears by it. He says nothing cooks meat better than the Weber.

Alternatively if you don’t have a BBQ there are some great public BBQ’s in the Tweed. Kingscliff and Pottsville have a few top spots along the beach and the river. In Murwillumbah at Budd park near the information center. To find out more visit www.tweed.nsw.gov.au/Parks there are plenty of options here.

We get asked frequently, “What is the best meat to throw on the BBQ?”

All the butchers at Sunnyside Meats believe you can BBQ just about any cut of meat, whether it be, beef, lamb, pork, chicken, vegetables and if you have the right BBQ even roasting.

Having a get together on the weekend can become quite costly so we have some cost effective options available for you.

Our meat packs come with a variety of products some suited specifically for the BBQ with a saving up to 15%. We also have a per person packs, just enter how many people will be there and we’ll do the rest. Have a look here at our range of meat packs.

Another option for you is some of our Bulk buy deals available instore and Online to save you some money for your BBQ. Whole Rumps and Rib fillets sliced free, Mince great for making your own rissoles, Chicken drummettes tasty nibbles to get everyone started, Chicken kebabs and Sausages all time BBQ Favourite.

Our butchers are here to answer any question you may have.

The next step is getting your BBQ ready. This is very important.

Hygiene- Give it a good clean before use, after sitting around for many months not getting used can cause potentially harmful bacteria to grow.
Efficiency- Gas burners can get clogged with dust, fat, oil and any pest that might be around. Give these a good clean so all of your burners are working, this will help with consistent heat across the BBQ plate.

If you have a Charcoal BBQ clean out any old coals that might be left from previous BBQ’s and replace with new coals. A couple of different coals available

Lump Charcoal- The most natural charcoal, heats quickly, gives a nice smoked flavour, but different sized pieces makes it difficult with consistent heat.

Charcoal Briquettes- Little pillows of charcoal, all in a uniform size making it easier to distribute heat. Look for a natural brand product with fire accelerant as this can cause a chemical taste to go through the meat.
Some good brands available are Weber, Kingsford, Big K. 

Now you have your BBQ meat, your BBQ is ready to fire up, don’t forget to chill down drinks and enjoy the aroma of your weekend BBQ.