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Meet the Sunnyside Meats Team

Local Butcher V The Super Market

Hi its Todd here from Sunnyside Meats this is why you should shop with your local butcher.

  • We offer fresh Local meat cut daily that doesn’t come out of a box.
  • The quality and customer service is first class and guaranteed.
  • All our meat is processed in store. Cant get much fresher than that!

Not like our major chain competitors that have centralized processing factories where most of there meat products are cut and packed, labeled and sent out to their stores

How the big chains keep their meat fresh.

The cuts of meat are packed on trays then gas flushed, this is also called MAP (Modified Atmosphere packaging) this alters the atmosphere around the product to extend its shelf life. A gas is pumped into the pack before it is sealed. These are generally a mix of-

  • carbon dioxide
  • oxygen
  • nitrogen.

The carbon dioxide is used to discourage the growth of bacteria and moulds. The higher level of this the longer shelf life.
Oxygen causes the meat to deteriorate, but is still needed to maintain the red meat colour.
Nitrogen is used to replace air, in this case the oxygen, which will stop the package from collapsing. This is usually a mix of 20% Nitrogen, 60% Oxygen, 20% Carbon Dioxide.

Do they tell you this on their packing? Can you ask a butcher in their stores that knows what they are talking about?

At Sunnyside Meats we don’t use this process, all our meat on sale is cut to your liking or can be vacuum packed which doesn’t need any chemicals to extend its shelf life. We have the very best in customer service and knowledge in the meat industry so you can ask one of our butchers any questions. We will go the extra mile to make your shopping enjoyable.

This centralized system that they are using is taking butchers out of their stores some even becoming unemployed because they haven’t developed the skills that a butcher should have in the retail meat industry. It’s a shame this trade has been around for many years and I am proud to employ local butchers (including apprentices learning a trade!).

If you were not sure what cut to use for a recipe or couldn’t find this cut of meat at the supermarket, who would you be able to ask when they take away the friendly butcher. The baker, green grocer or even the store manager. I don’t think so!

Sunnyside Meats can, we offer expert advice on anything you would like to know.
We like to develop a relationship with our customers, so it makes you comfortable to come ask these questions for advice on what can I use alternatively, or is there a recipe I can use with this particular cut.

Well, what if you could get this service for fresh and tender meat, cut the way you like, 100% guaranteed and delivered to your door or click and collect. No waiting in line.

We can be your Murwillumbah butcher, Tweed butcher, Kingscliff butcher, Cabarita butcher, Pottsville butcher, Bray Park butcher, Tyalgum butcher and the list goes on.

All from our one store in Murwillumbah using our Online butchershop,  with everything in store available online for home delivery.

Does your local supermarket support other local businesses in the area?
What about the local community organisations?
I see a lot of their support goes to reality shows on tv, My Kitchen rules, Masterchef or big events.

We support as many local businesses in our area and also the local sporting clubs. If we can all support each other the community can is in a strong position.

Next time your shopping just remember we can provide you with an excellent shopping experience instore and online. I know where I would rather shop.